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Powerful scientific research ability boosts high-quality products

Huida has regarded technological innovation and product innovation as its priority since the beginning of establishment.It has invested more than RMB 50 million for enterprise production technology upgrading and product development.All kinds of superior conditions have been provided to attract technical talents to Huida.Now the company has more than 200 professional technicians and more than 1,888 staff graduated from university,college and vocational school.Huida adopts learning and introduction externally and reform and innovation internally to consistently ascend its production technology and production equipment.

Huida owns the postdoctoral workstation approved by the Ministry of Personnel.Depending on the powerful scientific research capacity,Huida researches and develops the patent technology of ¡°Ceramicplus¡±.According to the detection of National Institute of Metrology,the appearance roughness Ra is 0.032Um,2/12.5 of the ordinarily glaze roughness,so cleaning is much easier.Moreover,by adopting highly smooth base coat and transparent Ceramicplus double-layer technology and adding Ag compound antibacterial agent,Huida products enjoy mean antimicrobial rate¡İ99.5% to Staphylococcus aureus and colon bacillus,and mean antimicrobial rate¡İ99.5% to colon bacillus.

In order to improve product quality stability and reduce labor intensity,Huida also independently researches and develops internationally advanced ¡°automatically computer controlled static spray glazing root¡± and ¡°computer controlled high-pressure molding¡±,which not only break the monopoly of overseas enterprise,but also remarkably reduce labor intensity of workers and boost production efficiency by higher than 30%.Huida has sent personnel to Japan,Germany,etc. for study and visit,and introduced U.K laser particle analyzer to precisely test the distribution of powder raw material,slurry and glaze slip.

Huida introduces Japanese material testing machine which could precisely measure the flexural strength,tensile strength,and compressive strength of raw materials and finished sanitary ware,and the plasticity of slurry;Japanese thermal dilatometer precisely measures the dilatation co-efficients of raw materials,slurry and finished sanitary ware products;torsion viscometer measures the viscosity and thixotropy of slurry and glaze slip correctly;gradient furnace could measure the sintering scope of glaze.

Exterior development of ceramic:stress on design and quality equally

Huida has paid attention to products¡¯ industrial design,invested heavily to build product R & D center,introduced professional numerical control molding design,researched and developed product appearance,internal structure and product ergonomics,so it has constantly introduced fashionable and representative products,and established cooperative relationship with nationwide colleges and universities to introduce professional design talents and improve its independent design and the ability to develop independently.

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