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Visiting distributors in Middle East

Wed, 25 Aug 2010 08:19:23 GMT


At the invitation of the HUIDA distributors in Jordan, Bahrain and U.A.E., the Export Manager Ms. Xing and Middle East Regional Manager Mr. Tian paid visits to the distributors in these three countries during April 19-28, 2010. During their stay, they visited the shops and warehouses of the distributors, knew about the local market characteristics and demands of local consumers, and reached a consensus on the brand operation, how to improve the satisfaction of consumers and perfect the service level of the HQ, and the division of regional market with the distributors and formulated the future work plans.
We extend our deep gratitude for the contributions of the distributors over the years.

Head office of ALMEER GROUP(HUIDA distributor in Bahrain) 

                Together with board of directors of ALMEER GROUP(HUIDA distributor in Bahrain)




     Together with General Director of AL-DIYAR AMERICAN BATH AND KITCHEN (HUIDA DISTRIBUTOR in Jordan)


Outside view of HUIDA new store in Sharjan (U.A.E.)

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