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Huida Showing Deep Concern for Beichuan

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:24:13 GMT

Huida Group donated sanitary ware worth one million Yuan to Beichuan Middle School

At 14:00 of April 10, a group of vehicles filled with one million worth sanitary ware were ready for departure on the square of Tangshan Huida HQ. Each vehicle was decorated on its head with red flowers and a banner with striking characters “Tangshan Huida Heading towards Beichuan with Donations”. With the order of the Board Chairman Wang Huiwen, the fleet began to leave for Beichuan, and planned to arrive in Beichuan in three days. The sanitary ware was donated to the newly built Beichuan Middle School through the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese.

After the Wenchuan Earthquake, Huida Group was the first enterprise in ceramics industry to give a hand in the disaster relief and donated one million Yuan to people in the disaster areas. After that, they were also concerned about the revitalization and development of the disaster areas. Leaders of various levels from Huida Group have paid several visits to the disaster areas to discuss the most effective way of rescue. On hearing the news that the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese plans to assist in the construction of Beichuan Middle School, Huida Group immediately decided to donate the sanitary ware worth one million Yuan.

The General Manager of Huida Group Wang Yanqing expressed that, Huida Group was established on the ruins after the earthquake, so Huida people felt sympathy for the people in Wenchuan. It is far away from Tangshan to Beichuan, but our hearts are together. He finally pointed out that this donation is the new beginning rather than the end for us. We shall make use of this opportunity to make greater contributions in the reconstruction and revival of Wenchuan, increase our contributions to the disaster areas through the expansion of market and sales scale.

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