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7.1 Earthquake Hit Qinghai Yushu, Huida Joined Hands with Red Cross to Offer Help

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:31:30 GMT

On the afternoon of April 15, the donation ceremony of Tangshan Huida Group was held in the Meeting Room of China Red Cross Foundation HQ. The vice-secretary of China Red Cross Foundation Liu Xuanguo, the vice General Manager of Huida Group Dong Jingan, etc attended this ceremony on behalf of two parties, during which relevant agreement of donation to Qinghai Yushu was signed and the vice General Manager of Huida Group Dong Jingan donated 0.5 million Yuan to China Red Cross Foundation on behalf of Huida Group.

At 7: 49 of April 14, a 7.1 earthquake hit Yushu County of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province, until 14:00 of April 15, 589 were dead, over 8,000 were injured, 15,000 residential houses collapsed and 100,000 people needed to be transferred and settled down. On hearing this news, Huida Group immediately contacted China Red Cross Foundation and reached a consensus that Huida Group would draw the donation money to Qinghai Yushu disaster area from its sales proceedings. It is introduced by the vice-secretary of Red Cross Liu Xuanguo that, Huida Group is the first enterprise to make donation to Qinghai Yushu disaster area through China Red Cross Foundation, and this public charity will necessarily drive more enterprises to participate in the disaster relief.

Suffering from earthquake disaster, Tangshan Huida Group can deeply understand the sorrow of the compatriots and the difficulty in post-disaster reconstruction. Dong Jingan expressed on the Donation Ceremony: “We feel sympathy for the damage to the people in the disaster area, we hope that we can bring hope to the people and help them rebuild their beautiful homeland through our efforts.”

It is understood that Huida Group will draw the donation from the sales proceedings of the water saver HDC 6001 stool famous for water conservation. If consumers buy one HDC 6001, Huida Group will donate 50 Yuan to China Red Cross Foundation. Huida Group hopes that this move can arouse more consumers to show concern for the disaster area and offer their help in the disaster relief.


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