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Beijing Famous Designers Gather Together

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 11:45:33 GMT

On Aug. 30, Huida East Asian Designer Forum sponsored by Huida Ceramic Group formally starts, where Huida Group and many designers from first-class design companies in Beijing gathered together to discuss the topics such as sanitary ware design, storefront decoration, designer cultivation, etc. The design director Eto Junichi of Gramco Enterprise Image Design and Consultancy Co., Ltd, the design director Zhang Hui of Italy Rayli Ford Design Institute, the project director Wei Wei of LKK Industrial Design Co., Ltd, the design director Fan Dapeng of Shenzhen Art Decoration Co., Ltd, the design director Li Yuanwei of New Plan Design Company, the design director Shi Gang of Beijing Saget Industrial Design Co., Ltd, the vice General Manager Song Zichun of Huida Group and the Beijing and Tianjin Manager of Huida Group Han Baocai, etc attended the activity.

Huida Group firstly organized all the designers to visit the franchise store of Huida Group in Beijing Lize Easy Home, during which the designers investigated the indoor decoration and were acquainted with Huida sanitary wares. And then the designers discussed with the staffs of Huida Group about the problems that people are concerned about.

The communication between the designers and enterprises has not only increased their mutual understanding, but also laid foundation for their mutual cooperation. After the meeting, the vice General Manager of Huida Group Song Zichun invited the present designers to visit the HQ and production workshop in Tangshan for further understanding about Huida products. Huida Group hopes that the designers can further assist Huida Group in the design and R&D of the new products.

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