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Huida Science Park puts into production and operation

Wed, 24 Nov 2010 14:20:36 GMT

On November 18, Huida Science Park formally puts into production and operation.

Huida Science Park Project formally started the construction at the beginning of the year, with a total investment of 650 million yuan and an area of 418,000m2, and the annual designed production capacity is of 1.5 million high-grade faucets, 150,000 stainless steel water troughs, 500,000 bathroom cabinets, 45,000 bedroom cabinets, 50,000 wooden doors and 8,000 ceramic machinery equipments, with the sales revenue reaching 1.5 billion yuan and the tax payment reaching 350 million yuan.

“Strengthen Major, Enlarge Support” is the development strategy of our group during the term of Twelfth Five Years Plan and even of the future to extend the industrial chain, and Huida Science Park Project is one of the major actions under the guidance of this strategy. Bathroom hardware fittings have a very broad market, as people living standard rises ceaselessly, the bathroom hardware fittings are developed faster and faster, intelligent, humanistic, scientific and resource-saving products get more and more favors from consumers, occupy a quite big market share, and gradually become the goal for people to pursue. Huida Science Park adopts Italian dynamic casting machine and CNC processing center in Taiwan, ensures a high machining accuracy and one-time molding, and the process reaches the international first-class level, and the electroplating line adopts Singapore zero-discharge environmental equipments, which lays solid foundation for the production of high-grade bathroom hardware fittings.

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