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Huida Stroke a Pose in Canton Fair

Mon, 25 Apr 2011 15:20:19 GMT

The first phase of the 109th Canton Fair came to an end on April 19, 2011. The largest sanitary ware manufacturer in China-Huida Group participated in the exhibition with its latest scientific products. The exhibition booth         covers an area of 198 m2 with three parts-the main exhibition part, the ceramic tile part and hardware part, and  over  500 kinds of products are exhibited. In this Canton Fair, Huida Group deepened the brand concept of       “originality, taste and life”, and displayed the strength and brand image of an international comprehensive       home furnishing group to foreign partners, which won great reputation among the foreign purchasers. 


As far as the product R&D and design, Huida Group established the design R&D centers in Tokyo, Beijing and    Shanghai, introduced a group of world-famous designers, and determined the four theme design directions,         namely, individuality and differentiation, environmental protection and water conservation, health and leisure, and technology and intelligence. The designer group of the world first-level continuously draws inspirations from the    natural, fashionable and colorful world, makes innovations in the product design, and create unparalleled modern  sanitary ware experience for consumers.


As for the brand construction, Huida Group began to promote the brand promotion strategy of “unique image,   name card and characteristics for every different store”, created the independent original design with international famous designers, gradually strove to become the international first-level brand and expanded the brand         influence. As the leader of the sanitary ware industry, Huida Group is leading the whole industry to create the       green industrial chain, and promoting the development of the low carbon economy of China on the basis of the    green production of the enterprise and the green consumption of the customers, which has achieved excellent     social and economic benefits.

The President of Huida Group Wang Yanqing said, Huida Group realized the rapid increase and promoted the   brand value in the domestic market, and maintained the excellent development in the export trade. It is revealed  by relevant informant that, Huida Group is expected to achieve an increase of 50% in domestic market sales and realize the export trade volume of 0.12 billion dollars in 2011.

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