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¡°Double-Hundred¡± Huida, Navigated by Stars in ¡®Kitchen & Bath China 2011¡¯

Wed, 18 May 2011 18:34:38 GMT

The designed theme of Huida Group’s exhibition hall is Navigation by Stars. The grand and luxurious effects of the whole exhibition hall are demonstrated through elements of weighing.
Both idea of navigation and comprehensive application of Sound, Light, Electric are adopted to create an atmosphere as bright as the diamond. This represents the strength for Huida Group to conquer the global market as well as the determination and confidence for Huida Group to create a century enterprise.

Huida Group will demonstrate new product series, such as Blue and White Archaic Charm Series, Refreshing Breeze Series, Riches and Honor Series, Rainbow Series, Rhombus Series, Ormosia Series, etc.

Furthermore, Huida Group will also demonstrate YOUHIN which are Huida international-level superior products, and developed by joint efforts of Huida Group and CRC, and taking Japan design, international quality and China price as its appeal points to provide Chinese consumers with solutions costing less than the value for their daily life.

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