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Huida Became the Only Housing Industrialization Base in the Sanitary Industry

Fri, 23 Mar 2012 11:22:45 GMT

The largest sanitary enterprise in China-Huida Sanitaryware Co., Ltd was formally approved as the National Housing Industrialization Base by Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development. It is the only housing industrialization base in the sanitary industry.

National Housing Industrialization Base is established based on the enterprises with strong innovative capability, high degree of technology intensification, high industry correlation and good market prospects, according to the planning and guidance of the Ministry of Construction. Vice-Minister of Construction expressed that, the establishment of the national housing industrialization base aimed to cultivate a group of backbone and leading enterprises in the housing industrialization, give play to the enterprise advantages, focus on the R&D of the housing standardization, industrialized building system and general residential product system, explore into the mode of housing construction, establish the full set of housing industry technical system that saves energy, land, water and materials and protect the environment, promote the energy and land-saving housing construction, enhance the fundamental change in the housing production, construction and mode of consumption, and comprehensively improve the housing construction level in China.

Up till now, only about 20 enterprises including Wanke, Haier and Panasonic have been included in the list.

Huida President Wang Yanqing said, the housing industrialization is the general trend of the historic development as well as the only way through which the construction and housing furnishing industry becomes mature, which will benefit the nation and the people. Huida realized the fact earlier and did a great amount of work in order to satisfy the requirements of the housing industrialization, including holding the housing industrialization forums for two consecutive years, cooperating with domestic and foreign professional organizations in the development of the products and solutions related to the housing industrialization, and adjusting the organization structure and product structure of the enterprise. He hoped that, the enterprise could take the opportunity to carry out the work continuously, share our experience with the whole building materials and home furnishing industry, and make concerted effort to realize rapider and better development in the housing industrialization in China.

We know that the listing as the National Housing Industrialization Base is not the end but the beginning of our work. We will give it top priority. Firstly, I will take the lead to establish the special office for the housing industrialization to have unified management of the base construction and coordinate between relevant departments of the group. Secondly, we will list the housing industrialization into the medium and long-term planning of the group and issue relevant rules, in order to guarantee the orderly and smooth promotion of the housing industrialization.

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