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HUIDA Massage Bathtub: More than a bathtub in your bathroom

Tue, 22 Dec 2015 11:56:09 GMT


   HUIDA Massage BathtubúČwith its wonderful practicability and continued innovation technology, ensure you an

enjoyable bathing experience.

1.Path to wellness:

Heath Benefits of Hydrotherapy: optimal air and water therapy.


a.Air&water massage system: powerful water and air comes from the bottom and sides to innovative every cell in your body, resting your arms, legs, and oval body, brings an oval of relaxation to you after a hard work.

b. Air bubble massage: bubbles like champagne raise from the bottom of bathtub, which soaking your skin in the spoil of water.

c.Powerful water massage: omnibearing and combination type water massage, aiming at different parts of your body.


2. Multi Audio Visual enjoyment:

      High quality Audio Visual system makes perfect combination of music and water, which let the bather feel the harmony and sympathetic response between music and body.

      High definition TV provides wonderful visual enjoyment for the bather: your mind expands and your body relaxes.


Music massage

Transpositional colorful light innovative peace of your mind, which makes you intoxicated in this wonderful feeling.



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