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New Arrival--Inner wall Tiles

Mon, 25 Apr 2016 16:01:01 GMT

1.Grayscale elements Series




QP06181  300*600MM



QP06182H  300*600MM


QP06182  300*600MM


Simple European style is not only graceful, more of cozy and romantic. Light texture is suitable for paving large area, which interprets magnificence of the space. 




2. Source of inspiration:




QPYW06185 300*600MM



QPYW06185H 300*600MM


QPYW06186  300*600MM


Woven design tiles , inspiration comes from the retro style in the period of Industrial Revolution, with a strong stylish atmosphere, simple but splendid. 



-Strong resistance, anti-acid and alkali, high rigidity, no fading.

-3DINK-JET surface, Grade AAAAA.

- Creative way to make the glaze, smooth surface or other.

-Totally fired at a high degree. all kind of designs symbolize the decoration fashion.


-Each product has to sharpen their edge finely, thus the size for each is very accurate, easy for paving.

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