Corporate Social Responsibility

Benefiting the local place and extending favors to all people

Since the beginning of the establishment, Huida has practiced the objective of ˇ°develop the enterprise, return society, benefit the local place and extend favors to all peopleˇ±. The enterprise has totally invested RMB 180 million in the local township construction to build roads, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, nursing homes and parks. Now Huida Industrial Park has preliminarily shaped living area and industrial area and highlighted on environmental protection at the same time.

Huida pays more attention to environmental protection while improving production capacity, and increased the technical reconstruction investment to environmental protection and energy-saving projects. The company has independently researched, developed and implemented dozens of technical measures and schemes, including kiln burning system reconstruction project, coal-fired boiler burning system reconstruction project, hot air furnace in replacement of coal-fired boiler project, high-pressure slip casting molding technology to replace micropressure slip casting project, semi-finished oven drying project, kiln residual heat utilization program, etc. RMB 5.42million has been invested to build two sewage treatment stations, RMB 0.8 million for a new marble scrubbing dust collector, and meanwhile 26 clean production schemes are executed, all of which effectively lower energy consumption and pollutants emission amount.

Charity enterprise

Huida owns more than 10,000 employees at present, not only providing job opportunities to the local people, but also attracting lots of migrant workers. Meanwhile, it has provided jobs to more than 200 disabled people with the coordination of civil administration department and rendered its contribution to common wealth of people. Huida has set the poverty-alleviation fund since the early period to help masses with financial problems. It has donated more than RMB 10 million to provide financial aid to 82 needy students and 282 poverty-stricken families. Wang Huiwen, chairmen of the board, was awarded as ˇ°Charity in Chinaˇ± by China Charity Federation. After the Wenchuan earthquake happened in 2008, Huida donated RMB 1 million and materials worth RMB 1.5 million at the first time, and called for the national building industry to support the earthquake-stricken area together.

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