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Huida assist Beijing World Expo

HUIDA 2019-04-22


The opening ceremony of the Expo2019 Beijing was held in Yanqing, Beijing on April 28th. The national leaders of our country attended the opening ceremony with about 900 representatives from 11 countries including leaders and special envoys, heads of relevant international organizations and international exhibitors. At the opening ceremony, the organizers relied on high-tech means to create a wonderful large-scale scene light and shadow art performance of garden. The grand world exposition was officially kicked off with this stunning performance.

It is reported that this exhibition is based on the theme of “Green Life & Beautiful Homeland”. More than 110 countries and international organizations have gone to this “green agreement”, which is a high-profile international event. As the leading brand in the domestic sanitary ware industry, HUIDA has been highly recognized by the Expo2019 Beijing, and has become the special sponsor of this World Expo. With energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products and advanced green concepts, we assist Expo2019 Beijing to build green new home!


"The World Garden under the Great Wall" International highest level gardening event

Under the Great Wall, next the Lishui River. Expo2019 Beijing is the first international horticultural fair after Expo1999 Kunming. This World Expo adhere to the concept of“Let the garden integrate into nature and let the nature touch the soul”. The beautiful gardens are brought together in the world will be integrated into the natural landscape garden, which will fully display the harmony of gardening, city, nature and humanity. It is reported that this exhibition lasts for 162 days, the core park has a total area of 503 hectares, 110 participating countries and international organizations, more than 100 exhibition gardens, and over 1200 new flower varieties, all of them are among the best in previous exhibitions.


Create "Green Business Card in China"   Huida assist Beijing World Expo


As the highest level of the World Horticultural Exposition, the partners of Expo2019 Beijing will inevitably be the top enterprises in the industry with good brand image and the theme of “Green Life, Beautiful Homeland”. After Expo2019 Beijing Association's strict selection and inspection, HUIDA has successfully joined the brand sponsorship cooperation plan as a special sponsor in 2018. It is a full affirmation of HUIDA brand strength and green concept. It is reported that the products of HUIDA has applied to the project of Expo2019 Beijing Apartments. This is another major project of HUIDA following the large-scale international events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. At that time, exhibitors and tourists from the World Expo will enjoy the quality bathroom products provided by HUIDA

Huida green concept    leads the industry sustainable development trend


The cooperation between HUIDA and Expo2019 Beijing because of the high consistency of the two concepts. For a long time, HUIDA has been the pioneer and promoter of the sustainable development of sanitary ware industry in China. HUIDA constantly applies new technologies and new materials to its products. The application of environmentally-friendly new technologies such as ultra-clean self-cleaning glaze technology, water-saving technology and pollution-free recyclable materials have improved the user's health and environmental friendliness into a new strategic height. In addition, HUIDA also actively promoted the development of the Chinese toilet revolution, established the first professional toilet revolution research institute in China, released a new eco-toilet revolutionary solution, promoted the progress and development of industry standards, and committed to providing consumers with greener and more A healthy bathroom product experience.
Expo2019 Beijing is not only a flower and gardening exhibition stage, but also a bridge for world cultural exchange. HUIDA Sanitary Ware and World Expo will work together to show the world a shining green "Business card". At the same time, HUIDA will fully use this world-class exhibition to spread the HUIDA brand to the world, and provide new potential for HUIDA to create a world-famous sanitary ware brand.