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Huida has resumed production!

HUIDA 2020-02-16

At present, many places throughout China are orderly promoting enterprises to resume production. On February 15, Huida sanitary ware production line has resumed normal production.

▲ Employees of Huida have been put into work orderly.


However,on last Friday, Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida sanitary ware,answered the industry situation and the enterprises' strategies to cope with market changes when he attended the first online kitchen and bathroom Industry Summit Forum. 

▲ Huida is fully prepared after returning to work to monitor the health of every employee.



We are confident to recover the export orders.

Wang Yanqing introduced the influence of this epidemic on the export of sanitary ware industry. The company also discussed it repeatedly and consulted many experts, thinking that the epidemic situation would reach its peak from late February to the end of February, the extinction of the epidemic may come to May. 

3 stages

Taking Huida sanitary ware as an example, the proportion of export performance in the company is relatively large, and the impact of epidemic on the export of sanitary ware industry will be divided into three stages. The impact of the first quarter is very big, which is the current stage. In the second quarter, it will gradually slow down and weaken. In the third and fourth quarter, the export of bathroom products may rebound and return to the original development track. 

Status of bath industry

Compared with other industries, the epidemic has limited impact on the export of sanitary ceramics, which is estimated at about 15%. Without considering other factors,after the epidemic subsides,Huida sanitary ware is confident to get the order back. However, from the perspective of some small and medium-sized sanitary ware enterprises in Tangshan, the average loss of the influence of the epidemic  on weak enterprises reaches at least 30%, and there is almost no sales in the first quarter, which will affect the cash flow of enterprises. If the cash flow of the enterprise can only be maintained for one or two months, it may be unable to hold up.

Reducing burdens on SMEs

Reducing burdens on SMEs has become a problem for governments to consider at all levels, especially for low-profit enterprises. Bathroom enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises with low profits, and the costs and rents of employees may crush a large number of enterprises. The government should reduce the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises, including returning social security, property, insurance and so on, and give enough support to enterprises.

The epidemic will change the existing pattern of sanitary ware industry

Influence of epidemic

Aiming at the influence of epidemic on the structure of bathroom products. Wang Yanqing believes that after the epidemic, the consumption consciousness will change greatly and the consumption of health products will increase. During the epidemic prevention and control period, people pay attention to the good habits such as washing hands and disinfection, which will continue and pull the consumption of smart bathroom products such as smart toilet and sensor faucet.

Advantages of fabricated industry

After this epidemic, the fabricated industry will get real development in Chinese market. In the fight against the novel corona virus pneumonia epidemic, the rapid construction of Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital is just due to the rapid development of Chinese fabricatd products. The advantages of fanrocated products is fast installation, pollution-free and high efficiency.

▲ Huida Unit Bathroom production line.
Huida Unit Bathroom



Wang Yanqing said that during the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital,Huida donated 2 million yuan on the first and second day of the Chinese new year.Several days ago,some local epidemic prevention hospitals in Beijing,Tianjin, Xi'an and Changsha were under construction with Huida products equipped.

The unit bathroom in Japan was developed by the Tokyo Olympic Games. Wang Yanqing thought that the unit bathroom in China might develop rapidly because of this epidemic. The assembly workshop of Huida bathroom has been put into operation, and nearly 200 rooms have been used in Tangshan, which is highly recognized by the construction units and hospitals.

Huida sanitary ware is going to be a more caring enterprise for the society

Wang Yanqing said that Huida Sanitary Ware has to be a more caring enterprise for the society. In this epidemic,Huida actively participated in public welfare activities to fight against the epidemic and made greater contributions with its greatest efforts. 

▲ Goods and materials donated by Huida to Wuhan.

Wang Yanqing thinks that in this epidemic,the donations and goods donated by bathroom enterprises are very important to fight against the epidemic.This epidemic has a wide range of influence and a long time lasting. It is a major public health event, but I believe that good enterprises will also stand out from the crisis. 

Wang Yanqing also promised that no matter how difficult it is, Huida would try its best  to do not to lay off employees or reduce salaries, and to work together with employees to overcome difficulties and reduce social burdens. He believes that as long as everyone works together, we will return to normal work and life.