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HDC6292 One-piece Toilet

Product Parameters


typeOne-piece toilet

DescriptionTwo-piece Toilet

Product Size735*450*685


Flushing TypeSipon Jet Flushing System

Trap TypeS-Trap:A=300mm

Trap TypeS-Trap:B=400mm

Flush Volume3.5/5L

MaterialVitreous China

Bowl ShapeEnlogated-V Shaped

Seatcover DetailsPP/Soft-closing



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Product Details

  • PP Seat Cover  

          Wrapover ,soft-close ,quick release ,seat cover.
          The rubber pad has strong load-bearing capacity and effectively protects . Endurance 100.000 time

  • 360° Trap Glazing
          The inner wall is smooth and not easy to hang dirt, and the flushing is smooth and fast
          Water seal ≥55mm
  • High Temperature Calcination
          Water absorption ≤ 0.5% Solid and tight, not easy to crack, not easy to absorb water and not crack。


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