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Responsibility of listed companies

HUIDA 2020-02-17

On the afternoon of February 12, 2020, when Zhang Gujiang, member of the Standing Committee of Hebei Provincial Party Committee, vice governor of provincial government and secretary of Tangshan municipal Party committee, went to Fengnan District for investigation, he went to Huida sanitary ware Co., Ltd. for investigation and inspection of the work of epidemic prevention and control, enterprise reproduction, industrial upgrading and so on.

▲Wang Huiwen, chairman of Huida sanitary ware, reported to leaders of Provincial Party committee on Huida epidemic prevention and control work

▲Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida sanitary ware, introduces Huida Unit Bathroom Products applied in "Xiaotangshan" mode hospitals all over the country

As one of the first sanitary enterprises that responded to the epidemic and took the most frequent actions, Huida immediately donated the first batch of 5931 sanitary products to Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, donated materials needed again to the hospitals of Leishenshan, donated materials to "Xiaotangshan" hospitals such as Beijing, Tianjin, Xi'an and Changsha. Huida fully assists the prevention and control of epidemic situation with practical actions, and tries every means to minimize the impact of epidemic situation on production and operation. In this epidemic prevention and control battle, Huida, as a listed enterprise, took the responsibility as the main force of the real economy.

▲Huida's supplies to support Wuhan

At the critical moment of the epidemic, thousands of private enterprises, such as Huida, actively played the role of "leader" in their respective industries, responded to the epidemic voluntarily and shouldered social responsibilities actively, become one of the tens of millions of "counter-runners.


At 13:20
on the first day of Chinese New Year, January 25, Huida set up a project Support Working Group at the first time to urgently deploy donation support work. At this level, what is tested is the operation and reaction ability of bathroom enterprises in the extraordinary period.


At 9:00
on the morning of January 26, Huida departments urgently recalled some staff and arranged special personnel to follow up the work at the first time. Urgently allocate products and materials, and contact logistics vehicles. At two 2 P.M. Huida donated a total of 5931 pieces of the first batch of bathroom products successfully from Tangshan, including Huida toilet, wash basin, inductive touch-free faucet, squatting pan, etc, they are all urgently needed materials for the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital.


At 14:00 
on January 27, the goods and materials donated by Huida arrived in Caidian District of Wuhan.

▲Huida's support goods arrived in Wuhan


Nan Dongyun, the person in charge of Huida Hubei operation center, is responsible for the delivered materials, lead his team as volunteers to cooperate with the construction workers of Huoshenshan Hospital to install bathroom products.

▲The person in charge of Huida Hubei operation center, Nan Dongyun drives the forklift to ensure the accurate delivery of supplies

On February 12, Huida Unit Bathroom, a subordinate of Huida sanitary ware, successfully completed the emergency construction task of a hospital in Tianjin, which was another perfect ending for Huida to assist the emergency construction of the hospitals. In order to further support the national emergency project, except Tianjin area, Huida has concentrated the engineering service force to more than ten provinces and cities such as Tangshan, Beijing, Xi'an, Yangzhou, etc, 15 engineering service teams have been fighting in the front line of the epidemic situation. In addition to the professional installation service, the corresponding materials are also being transported quickly.In this epidemic, we see the power of the whole nation people to fight against the epidemic, which is different from nationalism and based on cultural identity, strong and irrational cohesion, it is the power of Chinese nation's blood. This kind of power enabled the spontaneous birth of "reverse Walker" at the most dangerous moment, and the large-scale "super speed" projects such as the Huoshenshan and Leishenshan Hospital could be realized.



▲Huoshenshan Hospital 

▲Leishenshan Hospital

In addition to the social responsibility of the top enterprises in the industry, there are also tens of millions of employees in the enterprise. Besides the medical workers who rush to the frontline, there are also many construction workers, farmers, cooks, truck drivers and assembly line workers, who are the most brave labourers.

▲Huida employees who support the construction

Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida, firmly expressed the determination of the enterprise and its employees to overcome difficulties together,no matter how difficult it is, we will try our best not to lay off employees or reduce salaries. We will overcome difficulties together with employees and reduce social burdens. As long as everyone works together, we will return to normal work and life

▲Huida workers fighting in the production line


 We believe that we will eventually win this battle with all our efforts.