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Huida style —— Starting from every single detail

HUIDA 2020-02-18


A sudden virus pneumonia broke the peace of the Spring Festival, starting from Wuhan, and it spread across the whole country in just a few days. Everyone is responsible for the country's difficulties. Epidemic situation is order, time is life. 
On the one hand, Huida strengthens internal control to ensure the safety of the company and employees; on the other hand, it actively performs social responsibility, donates goods, and makes contributions.

Care for employees and contribute to society
On January 25 (lunar January 1), Huida implemented grid management, formulated the work plan for the prevention and control of the new coronary virus epidemic, took multiple measures at the same time, and extended the time of returning to work for four times. By February 17, no suspected case occurred.

▲ Propaganda slogans inside the factory.
Huida set up an epidemic prevention and control team, and each team member took important responsibilities and rushed ahead.

▲Disinfection treatment inside the factory.

▲Register the health status of each employee.

Everyone in the epidemic prevention and control team almost had no rest during the Spring Festival and always fought in the front line. Huida strictly implements the following measures: access control, personnel survey, body temperature measurement, travel condition survey, return personnel monitoring, special personnel isolation, etc. And established a prevention and control mechanism of level-by-level report and audit; disinfect the factory, office building, apartment, canteen and other public areas;
Epidemic prevention and control team
Huida would rather lose production than strictly implement the isolation system, and be responsible for the company, the staff and the society.
Huida is a business card of North China sanitary ware industry. As a listed company and industry leader, Huida has made a lot of social contributions.
On January 23
After learning the situation that Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital was in urgent need of a large number of bathroom products during the construction process through Hubei operation center, Wang Yanqing, the president of the company, declared at the first time: "fully support the construction of Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital, seize the time with the virus, build the hospital as soon as possible, and work with the people of the whole country to win the war of epidemic prevention and control ."
At 13:20 
On January 25 (1st day of the CNY), Huida immediately set up a support working group to deploy donation support work.
At 9:00 
On January 26 (2nd day of the CNY), Huida urgently recalled the members of relevant departments and instructed the members to take charge of specific matters, allocate materials and arrange vehicles. At 2 P.M., a total of 5931 pieces of bathroom products with a total value of 2 million yuan, such as toilet, wash basin, touch-free sensor faucet, squatting pan, etc., were donated successfully, helping Huoshenshan Hospital.
At 14:00
On January 27 (3rd day of the CNY), after 24-hour day and night transportation, the products successfully arrived in Caidian District, Wuhan. Huida became the first Sanitary Ware enterprise to donate goods and materials to arrive in Wuhan.
From January 30 to February 2
Huida Hubei volunteer team entered Huoshenshan Hospital to install the products, which ensured that the hospital was completed on schedule with good quality and quantity.
On February 1
Huida donated 500 thousand yuan to the Red Cross Society for the special assistance.
▲Part of the medical supplies Huida assisted the government to purchase.
At the same time, with the supports of overseas branches and global dealers, Huida assisted the government to purchase medical supplies urgently from Malaysia, Turkey and other places around the world. The first 90000 surgical masks from Malaysia have been put in place, the second batch of 120000 masks and 8045 sets of protective clothing purchased from Turkey are arriving in succession, which will effectively solve the urgent needs of medical personnel.

In addition, Huida's high quality products and fast installation unit bathroom are well received by medical institutions and hospitals of "Xiaotangshan" mode. Huida’s emergency engineering support team and customer service center are on standby 24 hours a day. So far, it provides high quality products and services for 46 hospitals in 13 provinces and municipalities including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Hebei and Hubei.