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Huida made live broadcast to show factories for real estate delegation

HUIDA 2020-03-11

During the outbreak period, the project cooperation between Huida and one of China top 100 real estate companies has entered the factory investigation stage. Due to the influence of epidemic, the delegation could not come to the site for inspection in a short time. Aiming at this special situation, Huida innovatively launched the online live broadcast factory inspection, and invited the inspection group to visit Huida factory online for communication by video conference and online live broadcast,which ensured the smooth progress of the project investigation.

On the afternoon of March 9, with the brief introduction of the host, this live tour began. The live shot starts from the gate of Huida headquarters, and is orderly switched to the production base of ceramic, tapware, bathroom furniture, tiles, unit bathroom, intensively showing the automation production line and intelligent manufacturing level of Huida, and through the exhibition of the products in the showroom of the headquarters and the Office of the R & D center building, along with the efficient and detailed explanation of the hosts of each department, the delegation showed the production process and craft level of Huida factory to the delegation at zero distance.

Huida's innovative live broadcast mode won high praise from the leader of the delegation. In the video conference communication link, both parties conducted in-depth communication and exchange around the issues such as project materials, product collocation and application. As the general director of this live broadcast activity, Yang Chun, general manager of Huida unit bathroom team, answered the questions concerned by the delegation, and proposed several solutions combining with the actual project and Huida's products and technical advantages.

In fact, Huida is widely recognized by all sectors of the society by virtue of its hard production strength, powerful project delivery ability and perfect service system, the products are widely used in national key projects such as Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Shanghai World Expo in 2010, Shenzhen Universiade in 2011, Beijing World Garden in 2019, etc. At present, Huida has established strategic cooperative relationships with many real estate developers, and won the honors of Excellent Supplier issued by many cooperative partners.

The epidemic had a great impact on the real estate and home furnishing industry, but on the other hand, it also promoted the innovation and transformation of the marketing mode of the bath industry. Just as Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida said, the  epidemic is also an important opportunity for sanitary ware enterprises to improve their online marketing ability and achieve the integration of online and offline.

Huida is looking for opportunities in changing circumstances. This online live investigation not only makes the real estate delegation learn the enterprise directly and know Huida's hard power in production and equipment in a faster way, at the same time, this transparent way of live broadcast also reflects Huida's excellent innovation and the efficient and cooperative execution of each department, which makes both sides full of expectation for the cooperation.