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Huida taking the crisis as a turning point

HUIDA 2020-03-10

Huida President Wang Yanqing: To realize Huida's comprehensive strategic transformation


On March 8, 2020, Wang Yanqing, the president of Huida sanitary ware, was invited to participate in the first Cloud Live Activity of China Enterprise Think Tank, with more than 40 distinguished guests of China Enterprise Think Tank, they use the big data and cloud platform to gather wisdom, boost confidence and plan the future. Wang Yanqing made a sharing, thinking that on the one hand, enterprises should attach great importance to the negative effects brought by the epidemic and need to evaluate it accurately. On the other hand, we will never waste the new opportunities brought by this crisis. In the post-epidemic era, we should comprehensively promote the transformation of enterprises so as to realize the higher quality development.


Wang Yanqing analyzed and pointed out that there would be three new development opportunities after the outbreak. 


Opportunity of integration and reorganization of bath industry.

Over the past decade, most industries, such as automobile, household appliances, real estate and fast moving consumer goods, have finished industry integration, and the top enterprises have occupied most of the market share. In contrast, the degree of industry integration of bath industry is still very low, and the share of the top enterprises is mostly about 2-3%. Just because of this, hundreds of brands, big or small, are trapped in the mire of price war, which also affects the high-quality development of the industry. After this epidemic, many small and medium-sized enterprises, enterprises with poor cash flow and management will be eliminated, thus industrial integration will accelerate.


Relying on its unremitting efforts, Huida stands out in Tangshan Ceramic industry, and competes with Southern enterprises who have solid industrial foundation, it has become the first A- share main board listed enterprise and industry leading brand in the bath industry. In the development process of Huida, it always creates new opportunities in various crises, and realize strategic transformation and usher in a better development situation. In the cold winter period of the ceramic sanitary ware enterprises from 2018 to 2019, with the world economic downturn and the general tight budget of enterprises, Huida expanded its sponsorship and increased its investment on the contrary, and it announced that it has entered a new stage of historical development, from the leading bathroom brand in China, accelerate the new stage of building a world brand with global influence.

Today, Huida has become one of the most competitive national sanitary ware enterprises in China, with strong strength and market influence. In dealing with epidemic crisis and new market challenges, Huida will be more calm and confident. We believe that this epidemic brings huge crisis to Huida, and it is also a new opportunity. Huida will realize the integration of high-quality resources in the new round of market competition, which will lay the foundation for the rapid development in a period of time in the future.


The second opportunity is digitization.

It can be seen from this epidemic that the well-operated enterprises are all those with high level of digitization, and the traditional enterprises without digitization are all very difficult. Therefore, digitization is the specific medicine for the enterprises to survive in the future, it is also a good medicine to improve immunity. After this epidemic, customers' consumption habits and consumption decision-making characteristics have been fully online. It is the general trend for traditional enterprises to accelerate the construction of digital, information-based and interactive platforms.


Huida is one of enterprises which put into the construction of e-commerce platform earlier in China. Benefiting from the layout in advance on the e-commerce platform and the bonus of Internet economy, the e-commerce business of Huida develops very fast. It has the integrated service strength of product delivery, logistics distribution, installation service and after-sales service. At the same time, Huida strengthens the basic construction of informatization, and the informatization system of marketing backend, production and supply chain are also accelerating the layout. Huida has gradually transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a digital enterprise.

During the outbreak, Huida cooperated with distributors to transfer orders from offline to online through WeChat group-buying activities, live broadcast and online shopping mall, and successfully realized the stop-working performance. It is reported that, since February 10, Huida has taken the lead in organizing more than 20 WeChat group-buying activities, which have helped dealers and stores all over the country achieve the sales of more than 2000 orders. At the same time, distributors also make full use of Social Media Marketing, WeChat group marketing and other ways to turn the accumulated traffic into sales, which strengthens the popularity and reputation of the brand in the minds of consumers.


At present, the real retail is facing unprecedented challenges, but it is also an opportunity to seek transformation and turn passive into active. It is reported that Huida will continue to build e-commerce platforms, but it is also thinking about how to simplify procedures, reduce burdens and make every effort to ensure the stability of traffic. After the epidemic, Huida will pay more attention to the adhesive connection with customers, accelerate the digital construction, regularize the Social Media Marketing and WeChat Group Marketing, through the group effect, to quickly establish deep relationships with consumers and strengthen Huida worry-free service ability in the whole process, so that consumers can meet the needs of building a better life without leaving home.


The third opportunity is healthy ecology.

A few years ago, Huida put forward the development strategy with integration, intelligence and ecologicalization as the core, especially taking ecologicalization as the core strategy, the epidemic has fully confirmed accurate prediction of Huida to the development of bathroom industry and the consumers' demand for healthy bathroom life. After the epidemic, the concept of Chinese people will change fundamentally, and people's demand for healthy and safe products will rise rapidly, intelligent, easy-to-clean and non-touch bathroom products will be more recognized and welcomed by consumers, which is the advantage of Huida bathroom layout for many years. In the future, Huida will grow into a health bathroom expert with global influence. 

As a leading enterprise in bath industry, Huida actively practices and promotes green development, through technological innovation, structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading, it has established and perfected the industrial chain of bathroom product function upgrading, overall design, component manufacturing, construction service and other links, promote the health of users and friendliness to the environment to a new strategic height. Product upgrades brought by consumption upgrades will also bring new consumption trends and opportunities. Huida has possessed the capabilities of technology, research and development, design, production to meet the changes of consumers' needs, accelerate the construction of new projects and new products, and provide consumers with healthy and ecological bathroom products of higher quality.